Top housing experts and legislators tackle challenge of shrinking supply of buildable lands and housing affordability at Master Builders Association’s 2014 Housing Summit

Housing affordability and the impact of the Puget Sound region’s dwindling supply of buildable land was the focus of the  Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties’(MBA) 2014 Housing Summit, held yesterday in Bellevue. Attracting … [Read more]

Make Your Older Home Greener

Your budget dictates that you buy an older home, but your heart wants that home to be environmentally responsible, so what do you do? Here are some ideas for making any home greener. If you plan for these in advance of your purchase, you might just … [Read more]

Vacationing Away From Your Home

Home Safety

Planning a last minute summer vacation?  Warmer weather and cloud-free skies may have you dreaming of leaving your home for a vacation. No matter where you choose to journey for your break away trip, take the time to make preparations to your home … [Read more]